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The first ever healthcare venture to provide
“capillary technology.”

I believe that such realizations can help people preserve their health by, for example, improving their lifestyles.We are now making efforts to commercialize devices that can not only observe capillaries but can also express capillary conditions in numerical form.Through numerical displays, the condition of blood flow in the capillaries can be understood no matter who performs the measurement.



Capillaries are a special type of blood vessel that supply the nutrition and oxygen we regularly absorb throughout the entire body while also collecting excess waste products. These “minute” capillaries represent an amazing, massive ecosystem inside of the body and account for 95% of your blood vessels (with a length that could span the entire earth roughly two times). In the same way as the heart, our capillaries act as a core for vital activities.

Capillary Analysis

Capillary Analysis

Together with providing information on capillary length and twists, capillary analysis checks for disturbances in your lifestyle as well as the circumstances behind general malaise, thereby identifying any abnormalities in your capillaries. We believe that such abnormalities can help identify minute changes within your body. In the book Clinical and Capillaries by author Saburo Ogawa, as well as in medical techniques such as ophthalmoscopy, capillaries are used as an indicator for diagnosing lifestyle diseases.

Observing your capillaries means observing
the condition of your own health.

  • 血管美人

    Our capillary scope has a light-weight, small design that can make observations from anywhere. With this scope, capillaries can be seen within three seconds and there is no need for drawing blood

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  • CAS

    A “world-first” capillary analysis system that can manage and compare capillary changes by ID.

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    A cloud-based capillary imaging system that allow users to easily confirm evaluation results via smartphone

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Special features of AT’s capillary analysis system

Kekkan Bijin can examine the status of your health in a simple and easy manner.
Recently, two conditions that continue to increase as prime examples of health hazards are blood circulation failure and low body temperature. Amid this, there is a significant need for people to be able to know whether their blood is silky or syrupy. However, many people do not know where to turn to find out such information.With its relatively small size, low cost, and simple operation, Kekkan Bijin can easily meet customer needs. Customers particularly enjoy being able to conduct regular observations.

Simple and easy on the body Capable of real-time analysis

Unlike conventional examinations techniques that use the brain and eyeball and have a heavy burden on the body, this new capillary analysis system uses your fingertips and has very little burden on the body, even for children and elderly people. As this system is capable of real-time analysis that takes only one minute, it also helps to significantly reduce the time and cost of medical examinations.

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Providing seamless analysis systems from observation to evaluation

Staring with the world’s first capillary image analysis software CAS, we provide comprehensive analysis systems that are capable of observation, analysis, evaluation, and comparison, including the capillary scope SC-10, which is already being used in various medical clinics, and the cloud-based capillary imaging system CASRating. These systems allow for easy operation, so they can be used by anyone.

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Easy operation

AT is passionate about a hard and soft design that is simple and can be operated by anyone. Thanks to this kind of simple operation, our capillary analysis systems are actually being used throughout a wide range of industries, including not only at hospitals and research institutions, such as universities, but also at pharmacies, fitness centers, and private companies.

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